June 6, 2013


I                                                                       II

So this                                                 Cool breezes gently touch
is how it is                                                       cold tombs still clean
after the sacrifice                                            from November’s brush
bare altar                                                         the dead are deadly calm.
Solemn rows of                                              
once more waiting pews                                 I feel the wetness of
only the sunshine now                                    the greedy grass
on the marbled aisles                           and I think of
and a little red light.                            The Christ born to give life
and the dead who are deadly calm.
And yet                                                          
it is right                                                          And I say
for, satiated,                                        o lord, forgive me but
What need was there to stay?           I cannot see
the dead so deadly calm

 The Weekly Nation
 August 1, l966