January 12, 2012



Ipil is harder to bear
without you
A leaf falls beside my hand;
already it is memory
like hours spent together
Grief at parting is like
A tear shed for a leaf,
pain assuaged
by the promise of a new bud
at the tip
but our friendship draws
its sustenance
from the rich soil of people’s war
It will continue to grow
and bear fruit
for the people.


Yesterday I had a talk
with an old man
who had your eyes-
The same laughing squint
hiding a watchfulness
that catches even hints
of rainbows.
He spoke to me of patience
in his voice a whole season...
you have endured
the first minute
of your own dark season-
Ah, I can bear to think of it
only when I can see you smile!-
comrade, dear friend
teach me how not to flinch
through mine.

-  Ma. Lorena Barros  
   Collegian Folio, l975-l976                       

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